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iusr April2012 watching (Bubbles 50401) At the mason city Big blue pit 

Sept 20 UMPA race in Albert Lea mn   2019​

May 19 2013  Dive Team Help area Triathlon in Albert Lea Mn  Special Thanks to area Kayakes for additional support to the dive team 

June 22 2013 Nora Spring Iowa is having a fireman parade and dance 

June 27 2013 will be in Tabor Iowa at the Library for there "Beneath The Surface" summer library program talking about diving and what the Iowa Underwater Search & Rescue does when they are call to service and showing the diver equipment   Special Thanks To Dawn Miller The library

J​une 22 2013   Special Thanks To Schukei Chevrolet for allowing us to use a vehicle to pull the Iowa Underwater Search and Rescue Dive team trailer through the Nora Spring Buffalo days event   Again Thank you

June 27 2013  Special Thanks to the Glenwood library and the Tador library for allowing us to  speak to them about what the Iowa Underwater Search & Rescue team does  when we are called out to help Thanks Ted and Dawn 

​Sept 14 2013  Special Thanks to the umpba ( upper midwest power boat assition)  For the donation to the dive team and allowing us to help with the race boat 

Jan 8 2014  The Iowa underwater search and rescue team Assisted  the winona rescue  dive team with the search of a drowning victim in the mississippi river

June 6 2014 The Iowa Underwater search and rescue team recovered a 1995 Chevy Truck for Kuennen Quarry  

June     2014  The Iowa Underwater search was call my the family of a missing man in west Des moines Iowa to help the local ​Dive team 

July 18 2014   The Iowa Underwater is doing a fun training drill at a private rock Quarry  

Sept 20 2014 The Iowa underwater team and the UMPBA (Upper midwest power boat assition )  helping the boat races. Races start at 1 pm