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Iowa Underwater Search & Rescue Wants You!

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IUSR is currently accepting applications for new members.
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General meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month at 7pm.

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IUSR Services

Iowa Underwater Search & Rescue plays a critical roll many water related activities.


IUSR can provide underwater searches for personal property, evidence, and drowned persons.


IUSR can respond within it's capabilities to conduct and/or assist on a rescue attempt of either a person or pet.


IUSR can recover items and or persons according to outlined guidelines.


IUSR can implement several underwater activities.


IUSR provides assistance when underwater inspections are needed to check the location and function ability.


IUSR Members are happy to give talks, demonstrate, and share ideas on water safety to various groups of people.

Diving Activities

IUSR Members are available to assist and/or participate in various diving activities to promote the sport of diving.

Vehicle Recoveries

IUSR can provide various levels of service to facilitate the removal of motored vehicles from water.